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24/7 VIP

Roadside Assistance

for Rental Fleets

Our 24/7 VIP Emergency Roadside Assistance Program provides you and your customers peace of mind.

Prices start at just $14.99 Per Vehicle monthly.

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From a flat tire to a mechanical breakdown — help is on the way. Car Rental Roadside services has a program for Economy Cars and a program for Luxury, Exotic and Supercar rental fleets available.
As a Car Rental Roadside member,  you’ll receive:


When towing is necessary, the covered vehicle will be towed to the nearest repair facility up to twenty-five (25) miles from the disablement site.*

Dead Battery Assistance

A jump start will be provided to start your vehicle. In the event a battery is needed, one will be delivered to your location.*

Lock-Out Assistanct

If your keys are locked inside your covered vehicle, we will provide assistance to gain entry into your vehicle.*

Flat Tire Assistance

We will remove the covered vehicle’s flat tire and its replacement with the spare tire located with the covered vehicle. Towing assistance will be provided, if necessary.

Fuel, Oil & Water Delivery

An emergency supply of fuel, oil, fluids and water will be delivered if the Covered Vehicle is in immediate need.

Luxury, Exotic & Supercars

For a few dollars more per month, we cover Flatbed Towing for vehicles like Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Ferrari and more.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Coverage throughout the ENTIRE United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico

With our Exclusive VIP Roadside Assistance Service, you can sleep easy knowing professionals are on the job 24/7 including all major holidays.

The cost of one year of roadside assistance for each rental car is less than 50 cents a day for Economy Cars and less than $1 per day for Luxury, Exotic, and Supercars.

Coverage activates three days after purchase, so take advantage of this exclusive pricing today!

Membership Terms

From only $14.99 per month, per rental car, you can be protected from your next roadside emergency.

Many rental car companies add this VIP emergency roadside assistance service to their fixed daily fees on their rental contracts as a line item for all rentals.

Your roadside program will pay for itself in a few days, every month!

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